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OK, stop the madness!  Becoming a better presenter and speaker

is just not that hard.

Can we all agree that most presentations are not that good, most speakers are not that great either, and we should all be better at it?  It's good for us, and it's good for our business.  

Here's the problem.  Trainers and consultants want to make it complicated and time-consuming to make you better.  That's great for their bank accounts, but not great for you.  They want you to learn the latest research from psychologists and neurologists.  They want to teach you the latest in visual design and key word placement, etc.  The fact is, it's just not that hard or complicated.   It's as easy as E I E.  Engage, Inform and Entertain.  Your sales people don't respond to training that is complicated.  I know.  I was one for over 25 years.  Your people want simple fundamentals, then get out of their way.

You and your team make presentations every day. They may be in meetings, in your industry, to partners, team members, customers or prospects.  They are all important.  Now, be honest.  Ask yourself;

  • Does our message engage and inspire people?
  • Does our sales team know how to engage our prospects in compelling sales conversations?
  • Are internal meetings effective and inspiring?
  • Are our presentations significantly different from our competitors?
  • Is our content engaging or boring?
  • Do people tell us that our message was impressive?
  • Do our people need to be better speakers?
  • How much time do we spend ensuring they are the best they can be?

At Be Compelling Now, we teach you and your team how to develop and deliver remarkable, impactful business conversations and presentations that tells your story in a way that wins business, differentiates you from competitors, motivates employees and influences decision-makers. And we do it quickly and simply.  No Ph.D required.  Quite frankly, we want to empower everyone to realize the personal and professional benefits of presenting a compelling message. 

How compelling is your message? Take a look inside and see how we can help.

Call us at 919-264-4591 for a free consultation.


18 Powerful_QuotesDownload 18 Powerful Quotes on Presenting (pdf)



Scheduling a great

keynote speaker or session

leader for an important event is

easy too.  

John Lowe is an experienced, engaging, entertaining and motivating speaker, and can customize a speech or presentation to meet your event requirements.  He is a member of the National Speakers Association, The Professional Speakers Academy, and is a Certified Speaker for Vistage International. Go to this site for more information about booking John for your next event.



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